Zero FX

The Zero FX (2019 onwards) is one of the best electric . Find out more info about the Zero FX electric motorcycle including pictures, videos, reviews, specs and more!

Zero FX (2019 onwards) motorcycle

Zero FX (2019 onwards)

The Zero FX is another electric dual-sport motorcycle made by the famous American manufacturer. Compared to the Zero DSR, which is some sort of an adventure bike, the FX model is rather an off-road bike with lights and turn signals.

It is powered by the “Z-force Powertrain” engine and the battery range of the motorcycle is claimed to be around 46 miles.

You can choose from two different battery options. The base model with the ZF3.6 Modular battery is cheaper and has a shorter battery range, while the ZF7.2 battery model costs around $2000 more but you will get a much longer battery range. Keep in mind that a larger battery will also increase the weight of the motorcycle.

What makes the Zero FX motorcycle a great option for off-road riding is its lightness (131 kg) and single-speed transmission. The fact that you don’t have to shift gears will make your rides much more enjoyable an effective.

Without a doubt, the Zero FX is a great electric dual-sport bike that can compete with some of the most powerful gas-powered bikes in this category. You can either take it to the city, or ride it off the road, it’s up to you. But, you will surely have a lot of fun while riding it.

CategoryDirt Bikes
Dual-Sport Bikes
Engine typeElectric
Power generationBattery-Powered
Power output33 kW
Torque output78 ft-lb
Top speed85 mph
Horsepower44 bhp
Weight131 kg
Seat height881 mm
Front tyre size90/90-21
Rear tyre size120/80-18
Fuel tank range46 miles
Overall rating

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