Why Are Electric Motorcycles Better?

10 Reasons Why Electric Motorcycles Are Better

Popularity of electric motorcycles is at the highest point it has ever been and you might be wondering why. We are now living in times, when even the most traditional motorcycle brands such as Harley-Davidson are bringing new electricity-powered motorcycles to the market. So, I think you can really get the message.

It is now 100% confirmed… Electric power is the future of the motorcycle industry!

Let’s discuss some of the main reasons, why the electric motorcycles are superior to the conventional gas-powered motorcycles in terms of specifications and easy of use.

1. Lower Weight

The first big difference between electric motorcycles and conventional motorcycles is their weight. Electric motorcycles are considerably lighter, thanks to the smaller engine and less components. They don’t have gas tanks or exhausts and the heaviest part is their battery. This attribute makes electric motorcycles incredibly easy to handle.

2. No Gear Shifting

Electric motorcycles, unlike gas motorcycles, don’t have clutch and gearbox. So, if you are used to shifting, riding an electric motorcycle might feel a little bit strange to you at first. If you are a novice though, learning to ride will be much easier for you. Basically, the only thing you will ever have to do is to start the ignition and accelerate by twisting the throttle. The motorcycle will then start going forward and all you have to do is to keep the speed at an appropriate level.

3. Good Acceleration

Acceleration of an electric motorcycle is also very different compared to a gas motorcycle. Because of no gears and lower weight, electric bikes offer an extreme torque and much better acceleration. You will have to be very careful at first, and avoid giving it full throttle, otherwise you might even crash.

4. Lower Engine Sound

There is almost no sound. In fact, this will be the strangest thing for those who are moving from a gas-powered motorcycle. This can be considered as both a positive and negative. I won’t lie to you, this is a real bummer for me, as I love the sound of a gas motorcycle. There is something enjoyable about listening to the sounding of a gas engine. Unfortunately, you won’t have this one with your electric motorcycle. On the other hand, silence is relaxing and you won’t make your neighbors angry.

5. Lack of Exhaust

Exhaust can be the coolest part of a motorcycle if it’s done right. However, most factory-stock exhausts actually don’t sound that great and some of them even have overheating issues, which makes them very dangerous. Electric motorcycles don’t have any exhaust at all, so you don’t ever have to worry about touching it and burning yourself or your clothes.

6. Battery Charging

When riding an electric motorcycle, you won’t even have to fill your gas tank, but there is a different responsibility. The battery has to be charged when it gets empty. Charging the battery of an electric motorcycle is a very easy process, but it will take some time, so keep that in mind. This is the main reason why electric bikes are more suitable for city riding or short distance commuting. There is a possibility do to some long-distance trips on an electric bike, but only if you will find a place where you can recharge it.

7. Low Maintenance

Electric Bikes don’t need as much maintenance as regular motorcycles. In fact, they are almost maintenance-free. This means no oil changes, no filter changes and easier cleaning. You will still have to check your lights and brakes once in a while.

8. No Emissions

Electric motorcycles are ecological vehicles and they produce no emissions at all. So, if you want go green and do something to protect the environment, then using an electric motorcycle is definitely a step in a good direction. Also, if you have some kind of breathing issues or respiratory disease, then an electric motorcycle can be the best option for you.

9. Cost Effectiveness

Today’s prices of gas are pretty low, but it is still a good idea to use an electric motorcycle instead of a gas-powered one. You might pay a little bit more for the electric bike, but in the long term perspective, you will definitely get that money back!

10. Innovation

It’s always good to have something cool and different than others. Using an electric motorcycle will show your attitude towards innovation and alternative technologies. People will be asking all kinds of stuff about your bike and they will be genuinely interested in it.