Super Soco CPx

The Super Soco CPx (2019 onwards) is one of the best electric . Find all info about the Super Soco CPx electric motorcycle including reviews, specs, prices and more!

Super Soco CPx (2019 onwards) motorcycle

Super Soco CPx (2019 onwards)

Engine Specifications

The Super Soco CPx falls into the category of . Its battery-powered electric engine has a power output of 4 kW and torque output of 126 ft-lb.

Top Speed & Horsepower

Maximum speed of the Super Soco CPx motorcycle is around 56 mph. Its horsepower is approximately 5.4 bhp.

Weight & Seat Height

The Super Soco CPx weighs around 78 kg and its seat height is 760 mm. It is a lightweight bike suitable for short riders.

Battery Capacity & Range

Battery capacity of the Super Soco CPx (2019 onwards) is 2.7 kWh. It can provide up to 80 miles of riding range on one charge.

ManufacturerSuper Soco
Engine typeElectric
Engine strokesBattery-Powered
Power output4 kW
Torque output126 ft-lb
Top speed56 mph
Horsepower5.4 bhp
Weight78 kg
Seat height760 mm
Front tyre size100/80-16
Rear tyre size110/80-14
Battery capacity2.7 kWh
Battery range80 miles
Overall rating

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