How to Charge an Electric Motorcycle?

Top 5 Tips For Charging an Electric Motorcycle

Charging the battery of your electric motorcycle is the very first thing you will have to do to be able to ride. Electric motorcycles are available with many different types of batteries. The most common type of the batteries used in these motorcycles is the Lithium-ion one. It doesn’t really matter what type of battery your electric motorcycle is equipped with. What really matters, is its capacity and effectiveness. Some motorcycles can provide multiple hours of riding time on a single charge, while others will only last for 30 minutes.

1. Have an Electrical Outlet Nearby

It doesn’t matter where you are parking your motorcycle, but you should have an access to electricity in that place. If you are parking in a car park or a garage, make sure there is an electrical outlet nearby. You can also use an extension cable if needed.

2. Plan the Charging Ahead

Don’t leave the charging for the last minute. Logically, because it will take hours to charge your electric motorcycle, you will really have to plan ahead. Once you return from a ride, the first thing you should do you to plug in the charging cable into the electrics, if the battery is almost empty.

3. Don’t Overcharge It

Lithium batteries are known for their decreasing lifespan, if they are being overcharged too much. Therefore, you should be charging your motorcycle only when the battery is not fully charged. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t leave it charging overnight. One or two extra hours a day don’t really matter. What would be really bad for the battery though, is leaving it plugged in for a whole winter, while you are not even riding the motorcycle.

4. Don’t Let It Drain Completely

Similar as overcharging, letting the motorcycle go fully discharged too frequently is also not very good for the battery and it will shorten its lifespan. It is suggested to start charging your battery when it’s at around 25-30%. If you do this regularly, you can actually prolong the lifespan of the battery by multiple months or even years.

5. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Batteries don’t like freezing cold or extremely hot temperatures. That’s why it is recommended to store and charge your motorcycle battery at the room temperature. But any temperature between 32-95°F (0-35°C) will do. The worst thing you could do to your motorcycle battery is to leave it overcharging outside during a winter night.

Electric Motorcycle Charging vs Gas Motorcycle Charging

Charging an electric motorcycle is different from charging a gas motorcycle. Gas-powered motorcycles have batteries too, but unlike batteries of electric bikes, their only purpose is starting the vehicle and turning on the lights. They get recharged during the ride and are kept at their full capacity all the time. This means that regular motorcycle batteries don’t have to be recharged that often, unless they are not being used for very long periods of time.

Charging an Electric Motorcycle FAQ:

It is a pretty easy process to charge an electric bike and a much cleaner thing to do than filling your tank with gas. Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions you might be asking about charging these motorcycles.

How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Motorcycle?

Well, it depends. As mentioned earlier, the batteries come in many different types and capacities. Each motorcycle has its specific battery parameters and you will have to do a research before the purchase. Usually, charging an electric motorcycle takes anywhere between 5-8 hours, but some motorcycles with high-capacity batteries can even take 12 hours to charge. You can also use additional accessories (boosters or quick-chargers) or charging stations to shorten the charging time to about 1-2 hours.

Brand / ModelNormal Charge (Quick Charge)
Zero S8 hours (2 hours)
Harley LiveWire12 hours (1 hour)
Vespa Elettrica8 hours (n/a)

Do I Have to Use a Special Station to Charge My Motorcycle?

No, but you can use one. Electric motorcycles, unlike most electric cars such as Tesla, don’t require any special plugs for charging. However, if you want to speed things up, you can use a high-voltage outlet with an additional cable. But, for normal charging, all you need to do is to find a regular electric power supply that you probably already have in your house or garage, and then plug the cable into it. The most practical way to charge your motorcycle is to put it for charging overnight at your garage. If you don’t have an electric supply in your garage, then you should consider installing one.

How Many Miles (Hours) Will an Electric Motorcycle Go?

Regular electric motorcycles for adults such as scooters and street bikes can go for up to 150-200 miles (6-8 hours) on one charge. Then there is a category of mini bikes for kids, also known as pit bikes, which will only go for few dozens of miles (1-2 hours) before the battery gets empty. Electric dirt bikes won’t last charged for that long either, because they have smaller batteries. They will usually run for around 50-100 miles (3-4 hours).

Can You Use Multiple Batteries and Can They Be Swapped?

No, but there are some exceptions. Electric motorcycles usually come with one battery that cannot be swapped for another one. But, there are some brands such as Zero who have already introduced electric motorcycles with modular batteries that can be swapped. These motorcycles are, however, even more expensive than the regular electric motorcycles, but at least we have that option.